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picture of Mary Ellen Winlund wearing orange

Mary Ellen Winlund


Mary Ellen has been an active volunteer since her move from Arlington, VA to Maryland over 20 years ago. 


A Software Engineer by day, Mary Ellen is the webmaster and social media manager for the club and database and Visibility co-chair for Zonta District 3.


Mary Ellen is also active with the City of Bowie's Outreach Committee and is currently its chair. 

In addition to volunteering at events such RESOLVE's Walk of Hope and Baltimore's Artscape; Mary Ellen was instrumental in founding the City of Bowie's Walk to End Domestic Violence.   

She enjoys evenings reading, stitching embroidery and playing with her 3 cats.

Tena Malone

Vice President

Tena is a licensed psychologist and president of Girls Almighty.   As teacher, advocate, and public speaker; she is committed to improving the psychological health of individuals, girls and families.

picture of a woman - Tena Malone
Stephanie Frye
picture of a women taking (Stephanie Frye)

Stephanie Frye


A lifelong educator, Stephanie has devoted her retirement to continuing to make the world a better place for women and girls; Zonta's mission.

Stephanie is a dedicated parliamentarian, and has held various offices in the club; including president and vice-president. 

Rhonda Boyd


When not volunteering with Zonta; Rhonda is traveling the world on humanitarian missions as welll as for pleasure. 

Picture of a women (Rhonda Boyd)
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